Let's Be Clear...A clean Lagoon is good for business!

When you become a Lagoon Loyal™ business and offer coupons to customers who are also Lagoon Loyal, you’ll promote positive change for our waterway.

Benefits for Businesses

attract customers

If benefiting the Lagoon isn’t enough, coupons are a proven way to attract and retain customers to your business!

68% of customers say coupons generate loyalty 77% of customers spend $10-$15 more when redeeming coupons 50% of customers are more likely to visit a store if they receive a coupon
source: invespcro.com/blog/digital-coupon-marketing

Sample Coupon Offers

10% off Service / Parts from 'bicycle shop' 10% off your meat at 'restaurant name' buy one get one free native plant from 'garden center name' 15% 6-month lawn service from 'lawn care business name' 1 extra hour kayak / stand up paddle board from 'eco-tour company name'

Get Promotional Items

Being a Lagoon Loyal business also earns you:

How it Works

For You, The Business Owner

  1. To sign up, just fill out our quick form
  2. Provide us with the coupon offer you’d like to give customers
  3. That’s it! It’s free and you can opt out at any time

For Your Customers

  1. Participating customers log into LagoonLoyal.com
  2. Customers complete Lagoon Loyal actions outlined on our site such as taking Lagoon-related quizzes, purchasing compliant fertilizer, purchasing native plants, attending events, and helping with restoration efforts
  3. Customers get points for completing actions
  4. These points are converted to local business coupons
  5. Customers present coupons to businesses like yours

Lagoon Loyal Logo

a clean lagoon is everybody’s business.