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»Install a rain barrel

Install a rain barrel

How does this action
help our Lagoon?

How do rain barrels work? The first few minutes of a rainfall event are the most polluting, producing a deluge of stormwater that runs along impervious surfaces, such as roadways, roofs, and driveways, collecting fertilizers, car oil, grass clippings and pet waste, before making its way into the Lagoon. Within the first inch of rainfall, a 100-square-foot roof will produce 60 gallons of water! Rain barrels collect this water via an easy connection to a downspout.*

You can purchase one from most garden centers, or make your own at a Marine Resources Council workshop.

Concerned about the cost? Install a rain barrel, and residents can receive a $50 rebate from the City of Melbourne, City of Indian Harbour Beach, or City of Cocoa.

*Marine Resources Council

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installed at your home.

How do I install a rain barrel at my home?

  • Choose which gutter downspout you’ll use with the barrel.
  • Place barrel on a level and sturdy surface beneath the downspout.
  • Adjust the downspout by shortening or adding elbows so that it directs water into the top of your barrel.
  • Make sure the spigot faces away from your home so you can easily access it, and connect a hose to prevent erosion beneath the spigot.

How do I maintain my rain barrel?

  • During our rainy season especially (Jun 1 – Sep 30), ensure the barrel overflows in a direction away from your home’s foundation.
  • Check the debris screen to ensure there are no holes or tears that could allow mosquitos to enter.
  • Use the rainwater within a week or two of collection to help prevent odors and algae growth.
  • Secure the barrel with all-weather straps if wind becomes a concern.

Be sure to capture the barrel and the downspout in your photo.

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