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»Join the Ten for Ten Collection Challenge

Join the Ten for Ten Collection Challenge

How does this action
help our Lagoon?

Litter found in waterways is often the result of poorly-managed trash on land. If not disposed of properly, your trash can end up in the lagoon and other waterways. This trash harms physical habitats, transports chemical pollutants, threatens aquatic life, and interferes with human uses of river, marine and coastal environments. The number one way to prevent trash pollution from ending up in our waterways is to reduce the amount of trash that is created in the first place.* This is where recycling can help! Join Recycle Brevard’s county-wide Ten for Ten Collection Challenge to divert excess waste from our landfills.

*“Trash-Free Waters.”, United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2021,

10 Lagoon Loyal Points

Scan the Lagoon Loyal code at the Recycle Brevard drop off location.

Collect at least 10 pounds of accepted recyclable materials. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Get Ready
    Review the list of accepted items outlined below. Print the Ten for Ten label, fill it out, and set a box or bag aside to be your collection container.
  2. Collect
    Start collecting. Use the checklist on the label to list all items collected. Make sure items are empty, clean, and dry.
  3. Pack Up
    Weigh your collected waste. Write the total weight on the label. Attach the label to the collection container. Do NOT seal the collection container.
  4. Drop Off
    Take your container to Recycle Brevard. Ask to scan the Lagoon Loyal QR code to earn your points!

    Recycle Brevard
    1535 Cogswell Street, Unit C-15
    Rockledge, FL
    Check hours of operation

List of acceptable recyclable items:

  • Electronics (no printers, monitors or TVs)
  • Metal (NO food or beverage cans please)
  • Plastic toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes
  • Empty dental floss containers
  • Disposable razors and their packaging
  • Vitamin and supplement bottles as well as blister packs
  • Dead/dry markers, mechanical pencils, and pens
  • Empty glue sticks
  • Brita filters, pitchers, and bottles as well as their plastic packaging
  • Old plastic food storage containers (Tupperware like)

This action is repeatable once/month for points.

Join your neighbors and help restore our lagoon by completing simple actions like above